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This is the WORLD OF FASHION, where you get the 
latest news about the fashion all over Pakistan.
 You get the latest designs of your favourite 
designers like Deepak perwani, Maria B,Sonya Batla,
 HSY, Amir Adnan, Hajra Hayat and many more... 
I hope this blog helps you and entertain you..

Pakistani’s  Wear Fashion


Deepak Perwani Deepak Perwani’s Collection

Deepak perwani started his career at the age of 20 in 1994 and he is the brand ambassader of many brands. He is not only working for Pakistan, he worked internationally. He opened his outlets in many countries including London.

Formal Wear Collection

Casual Wear Collection

 Sonya Battla’s Collection

Sonya Battla’s Collection is focussed on high-end luxury. The line produced in limited quantities, using the highest quality fabric. Her brand is known for her unique style, expression of color and innovative patterns influenced by young trendy professionals. She has  steered away from outdated looks while moving forward to set new trends. The Sonya Battla collection is very exclusive, The unique style and wide variety of the collections draws in people who loves Fashion.

Formal Wear Collection









Casual Wear Collection








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Stylish Shoes

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Have a Look!!!

Stylish Shoes

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F@$|-|!0N W0rLd!!!

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Hello!! This Is A Fashion point where you all get the

Updates of the latest Fashion Of the world…



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Welcome to the fashion world.

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Dress Designing By Different Designers Of The World….

New Collection of 2011.

Bridal Dresses


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